Ellwood House Museum Brochures Set

Brochure Project


A museum in the Chicagoland area will be chosen. Gather written content about the museum and create a series of three brochures. The series will portray different departments of the museum. Concepts will be developed with solutions that are creative, interesting, visually dynamic, appropriate to the topic, and cohesive throughout the brochures. Providing unity as well as variation is key.

Flat Versions


I made a set of unifying brochures for the Elwood House Museum in DeKalb, Illinois. Near all the imagery are pictures I took myself.

For the VISITOR CENTER GUIDE I used a Tri-Fold style brochure and it includes images inside and outside the Center, as well as barbed wire to help outline part of the history.

For the HISTORY brochure I used a Gate-Fold style brochure. It features the exterior of the house, as well as the living of the Elwood House. The pattern on the initial opening of the Gate-Fold is of the living room ceiling. The ceiling is a piece of hand-done art.

The final brochure labeled ELWOOD AND BARBED WIRE, has a focus on the birth of barbed wire and how Elwood was involved with it. As the title suggests, there is barbed wire intertwined throughout.


Upon completing all the design items for the project, a unifying theme is portrayed between all 3 brochures. This includes typography, a balance in colors, as well as imagery and a consistent layout.