Hollywood’s Bleeding Album Redesign

Album Redesign + Promotional Swag

The Objective

Create a design for a musical artist’s album based on it’s meaning. Look up anything in relation to the album that can help design according to the theme. This includes reviewing the lyrics and their meanings to portray it in a visual context.

Photoshop will be used to put all the elements together for the project. Editing the colors, layering, typography, and using blending modes are important to focus on while using Photoshop for the project.

The 3 main designs will include a front cover, back cover, and the vinyl disc label. The final front cover design itself will include at least 6 images to create a collage that blends well. 3 other designs, including a poster, a t-shirt front, and a t-shirt back will also be created. Lastly, mockups will be created for all 6 items.



Upon completing all the design items for the project, I believe that I have portrayed the theme of the album very well. The process to get there was challenging, but not impossible. I feel confident that I fulfilled the requirements and goals of the project brief. I did a lot of reading and listening of the lyrics to Post Malone’s album Hollywood’s Bleeding, to get a full understanding of the album, in order to make sure I created the most comprehensive design possible.