The Unsolved Case of the Most Mysterious Song on the Internet

Magazine Article Layout and Design


The goal is to create a 6-page magazine layout and design for a featured article called “The Unsolved Case of the Most Mysterious Song on the Internet.” First, listen to the song, and read the article that will feature the design. Use descriptive attributes that can apply to the theme of the article. The layout will require the creation of some imagery. Typography will include body text and display type. Determine when and how to use type as an expressive and communicative element. Type and image will be composed in a way that shows relationships between the two. 

Initial Sketch Ideas

One page flows into the next…


For this project, I initially tried to create some imagery off of the computer. The mood and era the song came from was the 80s. To represent that, I bought a cassette tape to make a part of my design. I cut apart the tape inside the cassette, had part of it hanging loose, and the other half I had rolled into a messy ball and flow onto the the next page. I did all the placement of the cassette’s tape on top of a white bed sheet and took pictures. The messy ball of cassette tape is within a head to represent how mind boggling it has been for people to figure out the mysterious origin of the song. After bringing all this onto the computer, I have the tape of the cassette progressively morph into sound waves, then flow into coding, and at the end I made a play-on-words making a mathematical equation Y=(So+Ng)-(My+ST+erY) (SONG MYSTERY) to finish off the flow of code.


Upon completing the 6 pages for the magazine, a cohesive design is displayed. Every page morphs and changes into the next when you line them all up. Typography is well balanced throughout the pages.