Quiet Rose Packaging

Dark Matter Coffee Packaging Project


Design and illustrate a new limited-edition coffee packaging using the central theme of the company called “Dark Matter Coffee.” Create a front, two sides, and a back for the coffee bag packaging.  Write a description of the roast, as well as creating a coffee cup and tote bag using the same illustrative concept.  Using Photoshop for the project, mostly brushes will be used, while possibly using the pen tool for main shapes.  Mockups will be created in the end for presentation.  The design problem includes creating an illustration that will go well and make sense with the coffee roast topic of choosing.  Choosing the style of illustration, colors, textures, and contrasting, as well as creating a balanced look with hierarchy and stylizing, will also be a challenge and problem to solve during this project.



I believe I have portrayed the theme of “Quiet Rose” well using my illustration with the stem, leaves, thorns, and rose. I also feel having it wrap around the layout in a delicate way really added to the design and illustration of the coffee packaging.